True North

I saw you with wings stretched, emerging from a suburban cocoon
with pride in your breath. I recall the times when we were closer than the spaces between atoms

Take me home

Take me home
Where your elders
Can see our love

Stash me not away from the sky
Where your elders we say
I am not a highbrow suitor

As my elders

Drop on my radio

This is hard to believe
Better believe it because it is the truth of life
That water has no hands
But drag sands with arms of energy
And ripples created

Without you

Without you
My love would have slept alone in a desert
I would have seen you on the street
Without knowing that we are meant for each other

Without you

Gentle gin

Gentle I go
When her glimpse
Attracted my coming back.

Gentle I laid
Hand round her shoulder
And felt the surrounding with lust.

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