Land of Jesse

(I wrote this poem in 1998 at the time when Jesse town in Delta State experienced the worst fire outbreak in the history of Nigeria. It was said more than a thousand people died in that week-long sinister inferno incident.)

Dear land of Jesse
Upon the city of excellence and enterprise
There I heard the wailing of your children
Tremble like echo of antelope inside inferno

Shrieking voices: painful, tearful and pathetic
Calamity makes your history hoodoo and mournful
Land of culture and natural endowments
Are seen consumed by the anger of a laughing fire

Oh no! The strength of your youthfulness
Dead and entombed with the venom of hypocrites
Shelters and qualities of your ancient values
Were highly excited in the mid of combustion

My heart speaks grief to the aliens
That stepped into your soil uninvited
Walked away the pride of your existence
And replenish your land with misery

Dear land of Jesse
I am sorry for the wrong I do not commit
But those who produced your afflictions
We not live to see you flourishing again


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