Poetry forms

Poetry Forms

What is a poetic form? A poem’s form refers to its structure: elements like its line lengths and meters, stanza lengths, rhyme schemes (if any) and systems of repetition. Every

Figures Of Speech

Figures of Speech

A figure of speech is a type of rhetorical figure that uses words and phrases to produce an intended effect. The purpose of using figures of speech can be for

Way Out of Africa

Way Out of Africa

Introduction In 1980s Nigeria, Chris Abani’s anti-government writings landed him in prison, where he was brutally tortured. Charles Mudede writes about Abani’s escape from Africa, his evolution as a poet,

The Fires Behind Him - Nick Sturm

The Fires Behind Him

In the spring of 1963, Lorenzo Thomas read some of his early poems at the Le Metro coffeehouse on New York’s Lower East Side, a reading series that showcased experimental

War and disobediences

Man and a shadow of himself

These are the stories that have been written in the palm of time down to the era of modern civilisation: oppression, deception, wretchedness, adversity, supremacy, war, mystery, and ism of

So Even While-Uche Uduka

So Even While

To be a poet in capitalistic America is a rebellious act. When it comes to manifestos, I change the subject. Does the poem care whether you have expectations or not?

Afaa Michael Weaver- poetry

My Walking Shoes

I was sitting on the plane on the way to Paris, and the attendants were handing out customs forms and asking for people’s points of origin. One attendant, a white

All Around the World the Same Song

All Around the World the Same Song

How globe-trotting poetries may not beat scrawls in a cave. Introduction When I was reading an anthology of contemporary European poetry, I was struck by how much its poems tended

Apongbon, Custain Bridge, Lagos.

Turn It Loose

What else but a poem in a state of tension. A crack in a poem. Lines seen through doorways, sidewalks, arches, lips. A hint of the poet’s viewpoint. His or

Writing on the Wall

Writing on the Wall

Introduction Outside of China, critics often compare dissident poet Huang Xiang to Walt Whitman. But in his homeland, nobody reads his work, a fact that’s just fine with the Chinese

Poetic moments of life through Self-Discovery

Poetic moments of life through Self-Discovery

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves, says ‘Henry David Thoureau’. In this collection, entitled, Self-Discovery, written by Iheanacho A. Golden, the poet makes use of

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